Drunvalo Melchizedek Unity Breath Meditation

  • See a place in nature that you feel is beautiful and visualize this place in as much detail as you can. If you are one who does not see but senses in other ways, then use the other ways to see; we all have our own way. Feel the love you have for nature and Mother Earth. Let this love grow in your heart until you feel it in your whole body.
  • When the time feels right, take your love and put it into a small round sphere, and with your intention send it down deep into the Earth, to the very center of the Earth. Let your Divine Mother know how much you love her. Let her feel your love. Then wait for Mother Earth to send her love back to you.
  • When you feel this love from your Mother enter your energy body, just let it move in any way and any place. Just let it be. Feel the flow of love between you and the Earth. You can stay here as long as you wish.
  • When the time seems right, without breaking the flow of love between you and your Divine Mother, shift your attention to your Divine Father. In your inner vision, see or sense a night sky, the Milky Way, the depths of space. See the planets and the Moon glowing in the night sky and feel the presence of the Sun hidden far beneath the Earth.
  • Let yourself feel the love you have for all the rest of creation and your Divine Father. When the time feels right, put your love in a small sphere and send it into the heavens with the intention that it go directly to your Divine Father. Send it to the grids around the Earth, the Sun or the Great Central Sun. Let your Father know how you feel... and wait. Wait for the love from your Divine Father to come to Earth and enter your body. When it does, let it move in any way and to any place. Don't try to control this love, just feel it.
  • At this moment, the Holy Trinity is alive on Earth. The Divine Mother and the Divine Father and you, the Divine Child are joined in pure love. It is a sacred moment in its own right, so just be with your divine parents and feel the love.
  • From this place of pure love open to the awareness of the presence of God, who is all around you and who lives within you. Simply be aware of and feel this union of cosmic forces and breathe the breath of life.


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