Aleister Crowley MAGVS ~ Transparency ~ ☿ ~ 2 ~ B STAR ~ Constitution ~ ♒ ~ 5 ~ E PRIESTESS ~ Vnity ~ ☽ ~ 3 ~ Γ EMPEROR ~ Admiration ~ ♈ ~ 90 ~ Tz The Heart of the Master


His head is slightly bowed as if he brooded some delight. He wears a helm of ruddy gold, radiant with the light of the Star. In the midst of his brows is a black diamond in a circlet of ruby and emerald, set in pure mother-of-pearl, so that it seems the eye of some unknown, some unknowable God. This eye has no lid.
But his two human eyes are still half-closed, as if in worship or in wonder of rapture.
His arms are folded on his breast; upon his corslet is the golden image of the Sun. In his right hand is a rod of amber, crowned with a ruby; in his left an amethyst lotus with a sapphire corolla.
Lo! from his eyes flow tears of mingled sorrow and joy, of joy that burns up sorrow, and with these tears he smites the barren rock beneath his feet. It melts like wax at the touch; roses spring up and twine about his limbs.
Around him are four living creatures, begotten of his will, so that the mountain might glow with the life that flows through him.
There is a tawny Lion, from whose mouth drops honey.
He roars aloud, and the word thereof is this: The Wrath of the Master is the Energy of Love.
There is a buffalo Cow, grey-blue, whose udders overflow with milk, and her lowing means: The Work of the Master is the Nourishment of Life.
There is a Babe, that with his tiny hands presses out blood from his own breast, and smileth: The Way of the Master is the Innocence of Liberty.
Also, a Golden Eagle, bearing a Chalice of Wine, crying aloud: The Woe of the Master is the Rapture of Light.
Last, in their midst, above His head, there whirls a wheel of maney-coloured radiance, thereby all deeds are harmonized in one. And the whirring of the wheel declares: The Wisdom of the Master is the Justice of Time. Attend to the Will of the Master!
At this there cometh forth from the heart of the Wheel a Serpent with the head of a Sphinx, and toucheth the mouth of the Master, so that His voice breaks into Song!
The Word of the law is Thelema.
Then is all Heaven aflame with a great blast of trumpets; and the world is alight with one flash, that sundereth every spirit that liveth, branding this Sign upon them:
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


VI. The Oracle of the Gods is the Child-Voice of Love in thine own Soul! hear thou it! Heed not the Siren-Voice of Sense, or the Phantom-Voice of Reason: rest in Simplicity, and listen to the Silence!

IX. Wander alone; bearing the Light and thy Staff! And be the Light so bright that no man seeth thee! Be not moved by aught without or within: keep Silence in all ways!

Khaled Khan


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