A.H. Second Book

What is irreplaceable is the corrupted blood of a people—the destroyed inner quality.
The decisive factor in the life of a people is the will to preserve itself and the vital strength that is available to do so. Weapons can rust, Formations can become outmoded, but the will itself can always renew both and shape a people in whatever form the moment of need requires.
the majority has always found most threatening the individual who reaches above the average measure of stupidity, inadequacy, cowardice, and also arrogance. Added to this is the fact that in a democracy it is practically inscribed in law that inferior persons must become the leaders. As a result, this system, applied consistently to any institution, debases the entire leadership—to the extent that one can even still speak of such a concept. This is based on the lack of accountability that is part of the essence of democracy. Majorities are elusive phenomena—too elusive to be somehow saddled with responsibility. The leaders they install are in reality only executors of the will of the majority. Their task is therefore not so much to produce brilliant plans or ideas to be implemented with the support of the existing administrative apparatus, but to assemble the particular majorities necessary for the execution of certain intentions. In doing so, however, the majorities conform themselves less to the intentions than the intentions conform themselves to the majorities. But regardless of the results of such action, there is no one who can be held accountable. This is all the more true because every decision actually reached is the result of countless compromises, which are evident in the character and content of the decision. Who can then be held responsible for it?


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