Charles Webster Leadbeater SOLVS Devachanic Plane

Many and varied are the possibilities opened up by access to these [Akashic] records—so many and so varied indeed that even if this were the only advantage of the mental plane it would still transcend in interest all the lower worlds. But when to this we add the remarkable increase in the opportunities for the acquisition of knowledge given by its new and wider faculty—the privilege of direct untrammeled intercourse not only with the great Deva kingdom , but with the very Masters of Wisdom themselves—the rest and relief from the weary strain of physical life that is brought about by the enjoyment of its deep unchanging bliss, and above all, the enormously enhanced capability of the developed student for the service of his fellow men—then we shall begin to have some faint conception of what a pupil gains when he wins the right to enter at will and in perfect consciousness upon his heritage in this bright realm of the heaven world.

CW Leadbeater, The Mental Plane


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