Liber AL (vel Legis) NVITh Aleister Crowley Liber AL vel Legis - Ch.1

1:31. For these fools of men and their woes care not thou at all! They feel little; what is, is balanced by weak joys; but ye are my chosen ones.
1:32. [...]seek me only! Then the joys of my love will redeem ye from all pain. This is so: I swear it by the vault of my body; by my sacred heart and tongue; by all I can give, by all I desire of ye all.

1:41. The word of Sin is Restriction. [...] There is no bond that can unite the divided but love: all else is a curse. Accurséd! Accurséd be it to the æons! Hell.
1:42. Let it be that state of manyhood bound and loathing. So with thy all; thou hast no right but to do thy will.
1:43. Do that, and no other shall say nay.
1:44. For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.

1:51. there are means and means. Be goodly therefore
1:52. If this be not aright; if ye confound the spacemarks, saying: They are one; or saying, They are many; if the ritual be not ever unto me: then expect the direful judgements of Ra Hoor Khuit!

1:58. I give unimaginable joys on earth: certainty, not faith, while in life, upon death: peace unutterable, rest, ecstasy; nor do I demand aught in sacrifice.

1:60. Also I have a secret glory for them that love me.

The Book of the Law, AIWASS, Scribe: A. Crowley


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